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In this captivating episode titled “Confidence in Christ,” we will dive into Romans 8:1-11 and join Nigel Ford as he guides us through the transformative power of having confidence in Christ.

Within this passage, Nigel will illuminate the profound rescue that Christ offers us. He will explore how through Jesus, we are rescued from condemnation, liberated from the weight of guilt and judgment, and embraced by the boundless grace of God.

Moreover, Nigel will delve into the transformative aspect of this rescue, highlighting how in Christ, we are rescued from helplessness. The suffocating grip of sin and despair is shattered, as we are empowered by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, who infuses us with strength, guidance, and hope.

Additionally, Nigel will emphasise the significance of being rescued from an old mindset. The chains of negative thinking, self-doubt, and fear are broken as we are renewed in our thinking, adopting the mind of Christ and embracing a life marked by faith and confidence.

Ultimately, Nigel will illuminate the purpose of our rescue, showcasing how we are rescued for new life in the Spirit. Through Christ, we are invited into a dynamic, transformative relationship with God, where His Spirit empowers us to live victoriously, guided by His truth and experiencing the fullness of His love.

Join us for this captivating episode of the podcast as we reflect on the profound confidence we have in Christ. Through His redemptive work, we are rescued from condemnation, helplessness, and an old mindset, and ushered into a life of newness and purpose in the Spirit. #TheReigningCentre #SeeingJesusInAllOfScripture #ConfidenceInChrist #Romans8 #Rescue #Condemnation #Helplessness #NewLife #HolySpirit #ChristianPodcast #BibleStudy #FaithJourney #Prayer #Praise #Christianity #Grace #Faith #ListenNow #Jesus #Church #Podcast #PodcastEpisode #LivingAsTheWayPodcast #LivingAsTheWay #TheWayChurchNI #TheWayChurch #TWCNI

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