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Our mission is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ


Evangelical in our emphasis We are a gospel people, desiring to proclaim the supremacy of Jesus Christ in all things through his gospel. The word gospel means ‘good news’ so that our central message is a ‘done’ as opposed to a ‘do’. Despite other distinctives we may emphasise, we believe the gospel is of ‘first importance’.


Reformed in our understanding of salvation We believe the reformed view of man’s inability to save himself or turn to God, alongside the nature of unconditional love and grace on God’s part, best reflects the teaching of the scripture. We believe the members of the Triune God work in perfect unity in their distinct roles – the father predestines, the son comes to pay atonement on their behalf and the Spirit effectively regenerates and unites believers to Christ through the power of the gospel.


Charismatic in our ethos We do not believe the Holy Spirit has ceased from giving any of the gifts he gave the early Church. We therefore are theological continuationists. With this, we believe there is a gospel imperative to pursue the gifts and to practice them according to the biblical guidelines. We believe God grants signs of the presence of the kingdom in not only salvation and sanctification, but in deliverance from demons, healing from disease and oral gifts of the Spirit being in operation. While not denying the omnipresence of God and his promise to be with his people – we believe scripture also calls us to ‘seek his presence’ and that he is willing to manifest it amongst us.


Sufficient Gospel We believe in the sufficiency of the gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the written word of God. The kingdom of God extends not through pragmatism but through power; a power that is accompanied in and through the preaching of Christ crucified.


Set Apart Community The church is a called-out community of saints and priests who are called to model what it is like to walk under the Lordship of Christ. This will simultaneously attract and repel the world. As a set apart community, we value corporate worship as God’s people come together to meet with him.


Spiritual Gifts God has given and continues to give gifts to his church by his sovereign will & in response to his people pursuing them. The local church is therefore a gifted community. Because of this, church ministry should be gift driven as opposed to programme driven. Ministry should work through the people as opposed to being based from a building.


Sent Church Jesus' final words to his church was to ‘go’. God's people are sent missionaries. We want to be a mission minded people focusing first and foremost on our own doorstep as well as the nations - especially the unreached. The end will not come until all people groups hear, and the lamb receives the full reward of his sufferings.

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