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Welcome to the Easter edition of our podcast, where we will be exploring the topic of “A Song From the Cross” based on Matthew 27:32-50. Join us as Johnny Carson takes us through this heart-wrenching moment in history where Jesus was crucified.

In this episode, Johnny will dive into the significance of Psalm 22, which Jesus embodied on the cross. He will take us through the various points that showcase how the events on the cross align with the verses in Psalm 22, including the soldiers casting lots for Jesus' clothes, Jesus' declaration of thirst, and the soldiers deciding not to break his bones.

Johnny will also highlight the sources of praise that emerged from Jesus' crucifixion. From the sufferer to future generations, Jesus' death brought forth an outpouring of praise.

As we listen to Jesus' cry from the cross, Johnny will help us explore whether it was a cry of despair or a cry of hope. We'll learn how this moment is a defining moment in our faith and how it has shaped the church's history.

Join us for this episode of the podcast as we reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus and the hope that it brings.

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