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Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast series, “Origin Story”. In this episode, we explore the intriguing topic of Noah's Nakedness & the Birth of Nations, based on Genesis 9:18-10:32. Johnny Carson will take us on a journey through this passage, examining the conduct of Ham, the curse of Canaan, and the contrast of Shem.

We will discover how Noah's son Ham's behaviour towards his father brought about a curse that would impact generations to come. We will also explore how the lineage of Canaan is traced through this passage and how the contrasting conduct of Shem brings about a future of hope & inclusivity.

If you are curious to know more about this thought-provoking passage and how it connects to the origin story of humanity, then this episode is for you! Join us as Johnny Carson helps us to understand the birth of nations and the curse of Canaan through the scripture.

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