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Several ways to receive prayer:

Use the Fill Out Form providing your details and prayer request information. (note DO NOT select “Get Involved” if you are submitting a prayer request).

If you do not attend The Way Church, we will still love to pray for you, just select do not attend.

Weekend Service Connection Card
When you attend a weekend service write in your request on the CONNECTION CARD in the section, “How can we pray for you?” and give it to an usher or drop it in the message box.

In Person After Each Service
Prayer Members would love to pray with you in person immediately at the end of each service. There will be people at the front and rear of the hall.

For your privacy
ONLY our Prayer Members and Church Staff/Pastors will receive your prayer requests;
Your prayer requests will NOT be posted in any form to be read by our general congregation.

Fill out this form to request prayer from the Prayer Ministry.
We have Prayer Members at The Way Church who have a passion to pray for others. Why not volunteer?
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